Our training methods are proven, and we are constantly striving to provide our customers with top-of-the-line Shepherds. Whether they come to us as puppies, adolescents, or adults, the dogs we import and breed are trained from the beginning to be stable, neutral pack members who co-exist with various types of dogs and livestock located at our home. We focus and strive to be different, all of our dogs learn to be “livable”. A basic term that is so over looked now a days.

We offer an on and off leash training program based on your specific needs. Each dog is trained slightly different. Careful attention to how you live and your dog’s particular environment is taken into full consideration. This is replicated in training therefore allowing your dog to become proficient in his normal living situation.


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Day to Day Encounters and Ability to Handle Stress

groomersWe put the dogs through multiple scenarios that put enough stress on the dog to show us their natural reaction to everyday encounters.  With this, we are able to build the dogs and eventually end up with a dog that will trust the handler when their instincts say otherwise.  The ability to handle stress and uncomfortable situations is a valuable asset to a dog owner.  German Shepherd skillsIt ensures stability and evenness of temperament and eliminates any insecurities a new owner may have.  Before a dog leaves us, we will know how he/she deals with stressful situations, and will have overcome many tough challenges which creates a super confident dog that will “wow” you with their sound and sure nature.




Socializing with Animals


An important part of a dog's being is interacting with other dogs, and knowing how to interact properly.  I demand that all the dogs on the premises at some point  be able to run loose together.  I do not allow any "bullying" but I do allow proper pack order to be created and upheld.  This includes males with males and females with females.  This is possible due to correct pack order placing me at the top.  This is important for a new owner as well, a dog that is used to living in a healthy pack is a better dog mentally.  Other dogs become no big deal, living day in and day out creates a dog who is neutral to other dogs.  A family, police or sport dog should be neutral to other dogs not overly friendly or aggressive.  I also have chickens and goats at the property that my dogs must respect and not give chase.  This transfers to squirrels, cats, deer, etc.  A dog that is aggressive or overly interested in animals is wasting energy and it is a bad habit that can be very annoying and dangerous.

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Ellex Saltztalblick

  • The Top Dog in Germany in 2005
    Sire of our last litter
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