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Grasso's German Shepherds are Hand Selected from Europe and trained in the US to fit your family's needs of a superior companion and a reliable source of protection. Not only will these loyal canines actually protect but they are also a family's best friend. Since 1996 Erich Grasso owner of Grasso's German Shepherds has been involved in breeding and importing quality european Shepherds. Grasso's German Shepherds have been trained and excel in sport and law enforcement as well. You can be sure the dog you receive will exceed your expectations or your money back.

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Recent Graduates

Officer Pachera & K-9 Caleb
Bpt Police Dept K-9 Unit


Officer Cetti & K-9 Uno
Bpt Police Dept K-9 Unit

Officer Evan Kaesmann
K-9 Maverick
Fairfield Police Dept


Kevin Wells, K-9 Jagger 
Fairfield Police Dept

K9 Max - East Haven Police Dept
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October 30, 2014 - Shelton Police resurrect K9 unit - Stryker was purchased from Erich Grasso who has provided a number of dogs to various law enforcement agencies.They include Kobe, Titus and Trace working for Bridgeport Police; Bane with Greenwich Police, Storm with Trumbull Police and Cooper with Stamford Police.

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November 17, 2014 - East Haven Police Department set to restore canine program after nearly 3 years -
K-9 dog and training to be handled by Erich Grasso.

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Erich featured in Tactical Weapons National Magazine - Click here to read the full article







May 19, 2012 - University of Bridgeport Criminal Justice Hosts K-9 Demo with Bridgeport Police
and Trainer Erich Grasso
Officer Mark Martocchio from the Bridgeport Police Department's K-9 Unit, along with his K-9 Trace and Trainer Erich Grasso, put on a demonstration May 19th at the University of Bridgeport. They spoke about the start of the K-9 Unit and their training with the K-9s.

5th Grader School Report on Erich Grasso


Science- 5th Grade
Constellations Homework

There are many people that I admire. Erich Grasso is one of these people. He is a well known dog trainer and K-9 expert, in Shelton, Connecticut.  Erich is my hero because he helps train German Shepherds and other dogs. He is very knowledgeable about dog behavior, and he also helped my 11 month old German Shepherd, named Kodah. In addition, Erich has a great sense of humor, and has taught me that in their own way, dogs are more expressive than humans!  He loves what he does because he likes to see the change in a dog (before and after the training).

Erich Grasso has an intriguing background and history with German Shepherds. He has had many of these dogs. I asked Erich what it was about the GSD breed that he loved.  He said “they are the most loyal breed.” Over time, an unbreakable bond develops between the owner and the dog. At the age of 11 years old, Erich won 2nd place in an AKC obedience trial with his dog Sheba. I asked Erich about someone he admired in the dog training world.  He said that there was a veterinarian 
who taught him a lot about dog psychology, diet, and proper training.

Last, Erich pays attention to the dogs' movements and expressions, because dogs can't communicate verbally. He works with K9 units all over Connecticut. The difference between my dog Kodah, versus a K9 dog, is that K9 dogs are much more bound to take risks.  Erich said that “Police dogs have a natural drive for police work. They take chances, are pushy, jump into water, they must track, and be active.” German Shepherds like Kodah are “family dogs and more mannerly,” said Erich.

In conclusion Erich is my hero because he helps train German Shepherds and other dogs. He also is a very fun and experienced trainer, who knows a lot about the GSD breed.  Kodah is a happier and more well mannered dog, after spending some time with Erich. Erich did a FANTASTIC job with Kodah.  


Shelton Police Dept
K-9 Errol
Bpt Police Dept
  K-9 Nero
CT State Police
K-9 Kobe
Bpt Police Dept
  K-9 Remington
Torrington Police Dept
K-9 Trace
Bpt Police Dept
  K-9 Storm
Trumbull Police Dept


Erich Grasso donates police K-9 to Lehman College, NY


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Search and Rescue
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